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Hawaii-based multi-platinum recording artist, Jack Johnson, and his wife, Kim Johnson, lead a plastic-free toast with reusable pint cups produced by Steelys Drinkware to cut single-use plastic waste during the Jack Johnson All The Light Above it Too tour.

Jack Johnson’s Reusable Pint Cup Program Cuts Single-Use Plastic Waste on Tour, Newly Released Video Reveals

In his latest ambitious sustainability initiative, Hawaii-based multi-platinum recording artist, Jack Johnson, executed a reusable pint cup program that reduced a substantial amount of single-use plastic waste during his recent All The Light Above It Too tour.

The Jack Johnson 2017-2018 Tour reusable pint cup program, implemented at more than 45 venues across the U.S., South America, and Europe, addressed the problem of single-use plastic cup waste at live events. The initiative exceeded expectations and has inspired ongoing waste reduction efforts by fans, venues, concert promoters, and other artists, a newly released video reveals.

A video documenting the program can be viewed at:

A typical fan attending a concert, sporting event, or other live event uses one or more single-serving disposable cup or bottle, generating billions of pieces of plastic waste at venues annually. More broadly, Americans use more than 100 million single-use plastic cups on a daily basis. According to the U.S. EPA, much less than 20% of our plastic waste is ever recycled — resulting in wasted resources, glutted landfills, and plastic and chemical pollution in our oceans and terrestrial environments.

Jack Johnson and his team chose Steelys® Drinkware, a San Francisco-based wholesale supplier of zero waste drinkware and accessories, to manufacture more than 70,000 custom reusable pint cups for the tour. Made of durable food-grade stainless steel, the Jack Johnson pint cups are decorated with playful and colorful ocean-themed graphics that integrate with the tour’s broader merchandise program.

The reusable steel cups were available for purchase at all U.S. shows, as an alternative to conventional single-use plastic cups, which would otherwise be used for beverage service. The tour also gifted thousands of reusable pints to fans as an incentive to take environmental action and make plastic free commitments at the Village Green at each show, as part of Johnson’s All At Once campaign.

The Jack Johnson 2017-2018 All The Light Above It Too World Tour sold or gave away 71,376 steel pints during U.S. dates, eliminating the need for more than 200,000 single-use plastic cups at shows. The waste reduction extends beyond the tour, however, as many venues and promoters have embraced the reusable cup concept, and thousands of fans have committed to refill and reuse their Jack Johnson pint cups in their daily lives.

“It feels really good to look out at the audience this time around and see so many people with the reusable cups,” said Johnson. “We’re part of an industry that produces a lot of plastic, so I’m grateful to all the venues and fans that have embraced this idea. I think the demand we’ve seen for the pints shows that it’s not really so hard to offer alternatives that are better for the planet. And if given the option, a lot of people will choose to refill and reuse.”

The Jack Johnson World Tour began June 14, 2017 in New York and concluded Sept. 2, 2018 in New Mexico, traveling to 47 North American cities and 28 locations abroad. The reusable pint cup program focused on U.S. venues on the tour. Among the highlights of the tour were three 100% Plastic Free Jack Johnson shows at Santa Barbara Bowl, where virtually no single-use plastic waste was produced.

Jack Johnson and his wife, Kim, have been leading and influential proponents of sustainable touring for the past 15 years. The reusable pint cup program was the signature element of the Jack Johnson 2017-2018 Tour’s greening initiatives, which also included: recycling, composting, carbon offsets, eco-friendly tour merchandise, sourcing of sustainable local food, free water refill stations, elimination of plastic straws and other single-use items, support for All At Once Non-Profit Partners in each city, and fan engagement to encourage personal environmental commitments.

“Jack’s zero waste cups raise environmental awareness in a subtle way that’s fun for fans, and viable for venues — which normally have to deal with truckloads of plastic waste after every show,” said John Borg, founder of Steelys Drinkware. “We’ve been helping green music festivals and tours for almost a decade, but we’ve never worked with an artist or crew so committed to supporting alternatives to single-use plastics. With Jack and Kim behind it, the reusable pint cup program is driving positive change in the music industry and beyond.”

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About Jack Johnson: 

Jack Johnson grew up surfing and playing guitar in Hawaii.  Since 2001, he has released 6 studio albums and 2 live albums that have sold over 25 million copies worldwide. His Brushfire Records label and touring crew have been leaders in the greening of the music industry and his All At Once social action network connects fans with local non-profits at each tour stop, provides free water refill stations at shows to cut plastic waste, and engages fans to make environmental commitments. Jack, with his wife Kim, founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation to support environmental education in Hawaii’s schools and communities, as well as the Johnson Ohana Foundation to support environmental, art and music education worldwide. The total of these album and tour profit donations, along with Johnson’s personal charitable activities, have resulted in over $30 million donated to charity since 2001. All The Light Above It Too is Johnson’s first release since 2013’s chart topping From Here To Now To You

About Steelys Drinkware: 

Based in San Francisco, Steelys Drinkware is a wholesale supplier of reusable, food-grade stainless steel cups, bottles, drinking straws, and food containers that minimize society’s reliance on single-use plastic goods. Working on the front lines of the zero waste movement, Steelys has pioneered the design of custom reusable food and beverage service items that provide alternatives to conventional single-use plastics and help divert trash from landfills, save resources, and cut pollution. Steelys’ mission is to design and produce durable reusable products that meet the highest standards for health, safety, sustainability & corporate social responsibility. Steelys are manufactured at select factories vetted for social and environmental compliance, and the brand has print production and distribution facilities in California, Minnesota, and North Carolina. Founded in 2010 by sustainable merchandise designer, John Borg, Steelys are distributed exclusively through Eco Imprints, Inc.

Bonnaroo Music Festival Partners with Steelys Drinkware

and the Plastic Polllution Coalition to Launch Refill Revolution

The Bonnaroo Music Festival, one of North America’s largest annual music events, has teamed with Steelys Drinkware and the Plastic Pollution Coalition to launch “Refill Revolution” — a groundbreaking sustainability program to cut waste at the 80,000-person event, held June 12-15 in Manchester, Tennessee.

The festival-wide initiative is designed to keep fans hydrated while encouraging them to rethink plastic consumption habits and reduce disposable cup and bottle waste at the event and beyond. It will encourage fans to join the Refill Revolution by switching from conventional single-use plastic cups and bottles to reusable ones made of food-grade stainless steel.

Festival goers will have access to more than 20,000 affordable, high-quality, highly-reusable Bonnaroo-branded stainless steel water bottles and beverage cups custom manufactured by Steelys. Fans will be encouraged to hydrate with their Bonnaroo Steelys drinkware at free water wells and free filtered drinking water stations strategically positioned throughout the festival site, as well as at participating beverage service venues.

The Refill Revolution keepsake water bottles with carabineer clip carrier will be available for only $5 at all concessions stands and at additional vendor locations. The wide mouth vessel is designed for easy refills at the free water stations, and participating vendors will also accept them for serving select beverage purchases.

The custom steel souvenir pint cups will be sold for $15 wherever draft beer is available on-site. That price includes not just the cup, but an initial serving of beer, discounts on beer refills, plus an insulated scuba foam carrying strap for easy transport. Attendees carrying a Bonnaroo Steelys Refill Revolution cup will get an automatic $1 discount on all brew purchases for the remainder of the festival (except in the Brooers Fest area), so money is saved by fans every time a disposable cup is diverted from the waste stream.

A special Bonnaroo Refill Revolution logo has been produced to promote the program. There will be Refill Revolution waste diversion outreach and education for fans on the main festival grounds — and for artists and industry representatives back stage. Refill Revolution signs and banners will be seen around the venue, and additional engagement opportunities will take place on site, online and via social media.

The goal of Refill Revolution is to raise awareness about waste and to reduce plastic cup and bottle consumption associated with the tens of thousands of beverage servings made during the course of the festival.

“This project is a huge step toward furthering our goal to become as sustainable as possible as a festival,” said Laura Sohn, Bonnaroo’s sustainability coordinator. “It empowers and encourages fans to take steps to be part of the festival waste solution.”

Cold beverages served during hot summer events create a spike in single-use cup and bottle consumption annually. Glassware is typically too fragile to use at events. Single-use plastic cups and bottles can’t always be recycled (and when they are, the reclamation process uses large amounts of water and energy). A single steel cup or bottle can be reused thousands of times, saving resources with each reuse over time.

“We’re excited to help Bonnaroo ignite the Refill Revolution and showcase creative new ways for individuals and events to approach waste diversion,” said John Borg, founder and CEO of Steelys. “Bonnaroo has extraordinary relevance to thousands of music fans and presents a tremendous opportunity rethink the disposable mentality that’s engrained in our culture.”

“Consumption of disposable plastic cups and bottles has spiraled out of control,” said Dianna Cohen, co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of organizations and businesses working to stop plastic consumption and pollution and its toxic impacts. “The trend towards reusable steel cups and bottles is an important development in source reduction and waste diversion that can make a real impact.”

“We believe our fans will embrace this program as we strive to reduce our impact,” said Sohn. “Our hope is that we’ll raise awareness so that Bonnaroovains will take these home and re-use them to cut daily waste and spread the refill revolution.”

As a pilot program, the use of alternative bottles, visits to the filling stations and reduction in waste will all be tracked so the program can be tweaked next year. The goal is to significantly reduce festival waste over time.

Paul Baker Interview | Refill Don't Landfill | Steelys

Paul Baker President of Event Water Solutions | Steelys Cups

As our beautiful home city of San Francisco was poised to approve one of the strictest bottled water bans in the country today, Steelys joined city officials and zero waste activists to support the initiative on the steps of City Hall.

Board of Supervisors president, David Chiu, who wrote the proposed legislation, hosted a press conference just before the historic vote. To underscore the advantages of free tap water, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Corporate Accountability International’s Think Outside the Bottle campaign challenged the public attending to a blind taste test of San Francisco’s tap water versus bottled water. Reusable steel water bottles and cups were provided to even participants.

Accompanying Chiu were environmental experts from Corporate Accountability International, The Sierra Club, Surfrider, and Event Water Solutions.

Shortly after the taste test the Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a measure that would ban the sale of items at events held on city property.This legislation would prohibit the sale of non-sparkling, unflavored, water in a bottle under 21 fluid oz, from public property, including any variation of mobile food operator or vendors. The proposal also outlawed the sale of bottled drinking water on city property for outdoor events starting in 2016.

The ban will build upon an existing city ordinance from 2007 that prohibits the use of city money to purchase bottled water, an initiative that cut $500,000 of annual city spending on a product environmentalists warn creates unnecessary waste and uses excessive natural resources. The proposal also calls for more drinking fountains and water bottle refilling stations throughout San Francisco.

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